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SEM, Adwords, Pay Per Click, PPC, Click Through Rates, CTRs – the minefield of digital marketing terminology.

One of the most effective ways of bringing in clients is through marketing of ads on Google or third party websites that you only pay for if someone clicks on. Move Ahead Media offer AdWords management services where we will aim to maximise your return on any pay per click (PPC) campaign that we run for you. Let us take away the headache of designing and analysing the ad groups.

Providing the right ad type at the right time is an important aspect of any optimised campaign. Once goals have been set we can design campaigns and ads to ensure that we reach your target market at the right time and on the right device.

With the whole range of ad types available from text ads to product listings the opportunity to reach the audience and get their attention is second to no other advertising medium. An example is a local ad in areas where there is a stockist. The ads can show promotion offers on mobile devices with different messages for those very close to the stockist from those in other areas.

With so many variances, this would be a key area of discussion with our clients as to which ad types we would use and when we would use them. Activating Ad Extensions will enable your ad to stand out and use more space on the search results page.

  • Call extensionsDisplay your phone number alongside your advert.
  • Location extensionsDisplay your business address alongside your advert.
  • Sitelink extensionsDisplay up to 8 additional links into your website on your advert.
  • Text Ads: The most basic type of AdWords ads. They are often referred to as sponsored links.
  • Image Ads: Are graphical ads that can be static (motionless) or animated.
  • Product Listing (shopping) Ads: Show images and details of products from your website that link direct to product pages.
  • Rich Media Ads: Rich media ads allow active engagement from a web user.
  • Mobile ads: All ad types can be designed for the mobile user which is a rapidly increasing market.
  • Video ads: Video ads that stand alone or play within other videos. There are a number of formats available on one of the fastest growing mediums.
  • Call Only Ads: Targeted specifically for mobile devices that can make a telephone call.

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Campaign Set-up

  • Keyword research – collate keywords and variations into target campaigns and specific ad-groups, based around Products/Services/Locations
  • Determine Goals – Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Impressions (CPM), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Call Only Ads
  • Create multiple Ads for each ad group – specify broad/phrase/exact match criteria
  • Create and implement landing pages where necessary to increase quality score
  • Set-up tracking codes for AdWords analytics – landing page + unique tracking number
  • Implement A/B testing on Ads and Landing Pages where necessary


  • Set the daily budget
  • Activate the campaigns/ad-groups
  • Monitor budget usage
  • Monitor A/B testing & analytics
  • Monitor Impressions, Click through Rate (CTR), Conversions


  • Report on monthly activity and results
  • Provide forecasts on current spend level and increased spend levels
  • Discuss recommendations and actions
  • Tweak campaigns set-up