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Are you trying to reach the largest amount of potential customers as possible? The Google Display Network gives you access to advertising opportunities on over two million websites and over a half million apps. Not only will you be able to reach an endless amount of customers on Google, but you will also be able to place ads on YouTube, popular online news publishers, blogs and much more—making it possible to get your business’s ads in front of 90% of internet users world-wide.

By utilising the incredible reach of the Google Display Network, your ads can increase brand awareness, ignite business growth and gain a positive ROI.

With the Google Display Network, Google has set the standard for digital advertising. And the Google Display Network presents a great opportunity for advertisers to connect with their ideal clients. The advertising platform offers a variety of options to gain the attention of potential customers. While most people are undoubtedly familiar with text-based ads that appear in Google’s search engines, Google Display advertising also offers Gmail ads, Banner ads and App ads.

These three ad types give advertisers a unique way to capture prospects’ attention. Gmail ads give you inside access to your potential customers’ inbox, as these ads appear alongside your prospects’ emails. Banner ads—which appear at the top of websites as a banner—are large, attention-grabbing and nearly impossible to miss when a visitor lands on a web page. App ads can target specific mobile app categories and open you up to a new group of customers who use applications.

With the Google Display Network, you have a wealth of advertising options at your disposal. If you would like to harness the knowledge and expertise of our Google Display advertising experts, get in touch with Bangkok’s Move Ahead Media today. Our specialists have decades of experience with AdWords and the Google Display Network, and we can help your business reach countless new customers and expand your business in the digital age.

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