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YouTube Advertising Company Thailand

In today’s digital world, video is king. Over 70% of consumers view videos online each month, and the medium is becoming increasingly popular on social media channels. The leader of these channels is undoubtedly YouTube.

YouTube has over 2 billion views a day and is the second most popular website in the world. Because of this, the video platform presents a unique opportunity for savvy business owners to connect with a new group of diverse consumers and display their dynamic, creative and smart ads to their ideal customers.

With YouTube there are many ways for advertisers to connect with potential customers. The video platform offers an array of ads that can be utilised. These include Partner Video ads, In-Search ads and In-Display ads.

Where do YouTube ads appear

Partner Video ads are what most business owners are likely familiar with on YouTube. These ads are played before, after or during a video a YouTube user is watching. Advertisers are not charged unless the video plays for more than 30 seconds. In-Search ads appear in YouTube search results alongside other videos that appear organically. This is similar to how Google’s paid ads appear in their search engines alongside organic listings. Last are In-Display ads. These ads appear in the upper corner of a page, to the right of where a video streams. You are charged for this ad only when it is clicked on by a YouTube user.

How YouTube benefits advertisers

As YouTube has over a billion users and billions of views per month, there are a countless amount of customers business owners can connect with. And because you can target YouTubers based on keywords and demographics, you can connect with your ideal client and therefore have a higher conversion rate.

Perhaps most important, video provides advertisers a way to connect on a personal level that other mediums lack. Video can help business owners overcome one of the biggest objections customers have when deciding whether or not to choose a business: it can answer the question, “Is this business trustworthy?” Video can humanise a brand and help ensure potential customers that they are buying from a legitimate business. This medium can paint a picture of a business in a way words can’t, and therefore can help boost brand loyalty and sales.

For advertisers and business owners looking to build the future of their business and connect with the younger generation, YouTube offers a perfect platform to do just that. Contact the experts at Move Ahead Media today, and start growing your business with YouTube advertising.

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