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Social media is here to stay. As more and more business owners use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to market their businesses, it is becoming obvious that these channels provide an outstanding avenue to reach new customers. The king of these social networks is Facebook. And in Thailand Facebook is huge. With 30 million registered users in Bangkok, the Asian City of Angels is Facebook’s most active global city. This means there is a huge opportunity for business owners to connect with customers via advertising.

Better yet, Facebook advertising is incredibly affordable. When compared to newspaper, billboard, radio, and television ads, Facebook is significantly cheaper. Business owners are able to reach tens of thousands of potential customers on an advertising budget of a few thousand baht per month. What’s more, Facebook ads can be served incredibly fast. You can create your ad in mere minutes and have it viewed by thousands of people within an hour. That means if you have a special promotion you would like to offer or a timely message to share with your customers, you can easily get the word out quickly—something that is nearly impossible with a newspaper, billboard or television ad.

For business owners looking to understand their customers better, Facebook offers a gold mine of data to help them discover their customers’ demographics and interests. With this information in hand, you can target potential customers based on their gender, city, age interests and much more. And once you have connected with your ideal customers, you can learn more about who they are and get their feedback on your products or services by reading the comments they leave in your posts.

With Facebook’s wealth of data, enormous user rate in Thailand and low advertising costs, the social media platform provides business owners a huge opportunity to gain new customers at an extremely affordable price. The time is now to get the best ROI for your advertising spend and drive more prospects to your site. Facebook Advertising can help you accomplish just that.

To leverage the expertise of Move Ahead Media’s Facebook Advertising experts, get in touch with us today. We are ready to help you take advantage of the Facebook boom in Thailand, so you can start getting more leads, more customers and more business growth.

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