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Do you want to connect with more leads? Do you want to raise your online profile? With Facebook, your business can accomplish both. For many Thais, Facebook is the first place they look online when they search the internet. And with over 30 million registered Facebook users in Bangkok, you can be sure most expats are also regularly using the platform. With either of these groups of potential customers, your business’s Facebook page has the ability to make or lose a sale. The key factor that determines this is your content.

Are you posting regularly on your business page? Does the content you post inform, inspire or entertain? When page visitors comment on your post, are you or a member of your staff there to reply? A successful Facebook business page is all about having valuable content posted on a regular basis. Your page is an extension of your business and/or website. If it is not up-to-date, your page visitors will lose trust in your company.

When your business is able to create an active Facebook business page with valuable content, it will attract new leads and add credibility to your company. When page visitors become more familiar with your products, services and brand by regularly seeing you in their News Feed, they will gain a more positive impression of your business. Repetition builds trust and with Facebook you can do just that if you regularly post valuable content.

With Move Ahead Media’s Facebook Content Management, Bangkok business owners can finally breathe a sigh of relief and get a Facebook business page that will attract more leads and provide a professional appearance to any and all visitors. With this service, we start by building the right foundation for your page. First, we optimise your page to ensure it displays a polished appearance. Then, with our professional account management, we provide you weekly posts designed to provide your fans and leads valuable content. Last, we want to ensure you can see our service is producing results. That’s why we regularly provide your reports detailing your Facebook pages activity.

When we provide you regular, valuable content, you will never look like an opportunist trying to make a quick baht (like so many Facebook pages in Thailand). Instead you will appear professional, current and trustworthy. By doing that, the leads will come naturally.

If you are ready to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities presented by Thailand’s 46 million Facebook users, then get in touch with Move Ahead Media today. More business opportunities and leads await.

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