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Instagram Advertising Company Thailand

400 million+ people around the world use Instagram every day. 80% of Instagram users follow a business. While these numbers speak for the amount of Instagram users world-wide, what about Thailand? Thailand has 11.2 million users, 90% who are younger than 45 years old, and 39% who are male. Siam Paragon regularly ranks in the top 10 most Instagrammed locations in the world. And if you have been in Thailand for more than a few months, you are well aware that locals love to take photos.
What does all this data mean? It means that Instagram provides huge marketing opportunities for business owners in Thailand. Similar to Facebook, Instagram ads blend in seamlessly with a user’s feed, which can provide an incredibly non-intrusive ad to users.

How Instagram ads work
Instagram advertisers have three types of ads to choose from. They can use photo ads, carousel ads or video ads. As for the ad itself, there are few ways to make it effective, the general idea being to make your image stand out. You can do this by designing a creative, concept-driven and vibrant image that is unique from what other users are posting. Do your best to be surprising with your Instagram images. If you can surprise users, and show them something they have never seen, they are much more likely to follow you and eventually transform into a customer.

Advertisers will also want to ensure their ad doesn’t look too much like ad. In other words, if it is blatantly selling a product, there is a good chance it will get ignored. The goal of Instagram ads should be to look “native”, which means it should appear as a post by a regular user and not look obviously like an ad.

Once you have chosen the type of ad you would like (video, photo or carousel) and designed it, the next step is to choose your campaign goal. Instagram has several options for you to choose from, including website conversions, clicks to website, mobile app installs, video views, page post engagement and much more.

When advertising on any new platform, there is always a learning curve. That’s where Move Ahead Media comes in. If you would like to take advantage of our decades of digital advertising and Instagram advertising experience, our Instagram ad specialists can help you gain more leads and a positive ROI fast. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business create a stronger presence on Instagram and social media today.

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