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If you have ever rode the BTS and taken a moment to see what people are up to on their phones, you will likely see they are using a message app. But not just any message app though. 90% of people will be chatting on Line, Thailand’s most popular messenger application.

The messenger app, which is originally from Japan, became hugely popular in a matter of days after its 2012 launch. By the end of that year, Line had acquired over 10 million active users in the Land of Smiles. Today, Line has over 600 million registered users world-wide and 217 million monthly active users. And as Line continues to become increasing popular in Thailand, the chat application presents a huge marketing opportunity to business owners. By leveraging the apps enormous user base, you can increase brand awareness, build a list of loyal followers and drive sales.

How to market your business on Line
There are many ways for business in Thailand to market their companies on Line. These include the ever popular Line Stickers, Exclusive Offers and Line Point ads.

Line Stickers
Stickers can be utilised in two ways. Business owners can sell them, or they can offer them for free in exchange for a Line user adding your company as a friend on the application. By doing this, your company can rapidly gain a large following, boost brand awareness and gain a wider reach.

Exclusive Offers
Creating stickers takes time. If you would like to bypass this process, you can use Line’s Exclusive Offers service. Similar to the tactic of giving away free stickers, with Exclusive offers you will offer a special discount or promotion in exchange for a user adding your business as a friend. This marketing tactic is much like an email list where you can send subscribers special coupons or promotions to drive sales.

Line Point ads
Line Point ads offer an alternative way to market to Line users. This promotional service focuses on the gamification of advertising: Line users will download an app, watch an ad or add an account as a friend to win Line points. These points can be used to purchase themes, stickers and other items within the Line application.

These are just a few ways business owners can market their business on Thailand’s popular Line application. If you would like to learn more about how your business can take advantage of Line to grow your business and increase brand awareness, contact the marketing specialists at Move Ahead Media today.

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