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With over 500 million active users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Advertising on the platform can help business owners strengthen their brand name, position themselves as thought leaders, and reach an audience of serious business professionals.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn has a wealth of data on its user base, and with their advertising solutions you can target users by industry, job title, company size, function and much more. The social network also provides advertisers the opportunity to share their message fast. That means if you have a time-sensitive promotion, you can quickly set up your ad and serve it to prospects or followers.

As part of Move Ahead Media’s LinkedIn advertising service, we offer both advertising account set-up and advertising management.

Our advertising account setup will help you establish your LinkedIn presence quickly. To start, we will first take the time to understand your business and marketing goals. Next we will set-up your ad account, identify the right users to target, analyse your current landing pages (and optimise them as needed), create your ads and then push the campaign live. Throughout this entire process we will monitor your results and be available for support.

For business owners who would rather not worry at all about their LinkedIn advertising account, we also offer complete management and maintenance on an ongoing basis. This option is perfect for business owners who do not have the confidence or desire to learn how to optimise LinkedIn ads, or those who do not have a marketing department to effectively run campaigns on a regular basis. With this service, you can outsource the whole process to us, and take the headache out of advertising on the LinkedIn platform.

With Move Ahead Media’s LinkedIn advertising management and maintenance service, we will include everything in the set-up process as well as provide weekly account maintenance and ad optimisation, recommendations on the best type of content and advertisements to implement for your unique marketing goals, and regular monitoring of your ads.

For an experienced LinkedIn Advertising company, Thailand’s Move Ahead Media can help your business reach a large audience of professionals and gain new customers. Contact us now to start growing your professional influence and growing your business.

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