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Introducing Our Line Advertising Service

If you want to grow your business in Bangkok, you should pay attention to Line advertising. Just after its launch in 2012, Line took Thailand by storm almost instantly. Within months of its release, Line had over 10 million active users in Thailand. Today, that number is closer to 35 million, and it continues to grow daily. Worldwide, Line has over 225 million monthly active users. As you can see, this popular messenger application poses amazing marketing opportunities for your business.

With Line’s userbase increasing by the second and its TV and gaming platforms growing in popularity, there’s never been a better time than now to take advantage of the Line Ads platform. Using Line, you can create engaging advertisements that connect with your potential customers using multiple marketing tools.

At Move Ahead Media, we’re a social media marketing agency with an in-house team of experts committed solely to Line advertising. We understand the intricacies of the Line Ads platform as well as how to exploit all its features to maximise the marketing benefits for your business. Execute an effective and well-researched Line advertising strategy, and your company will almost certainly grow dramatically. If you’d rather leave the task to the experts, we encourage you to contact the professionals at our leading agency in Bangkok.

Line Ads

How You Can Leverage the Line Ads Platform

With its huge number of users, Line is undeniably a potential source of revenue for your company. Thousands of people who have an interest in your products or services use Line every day. However, you need to gear your content towards your target market, which means getting to grips with every feature of the Line ads platform in Thailand.

Line Ads

There are numerous ways to market your business on Line, some of which include:

You can increase your number of Line ‘friends’ by offering free giveaways. For example, some companies create their own stickers and give them away to new friends to maximise their reach and improve brand awareness. Whilst developing stickers can take time – and often prove ineffective – using Line’s Exclusive Offers service almost guarantees a return on investment if you create an effective strategy.

You can encourage users to add your business as a friend in exchange for a free giveaway or exclusive promotional offer. This marketing tactic can help you increase your sales, but more importantly, it enables you to build a large list of leads that you can target with new content time and time again. We’ll analyse these new leads to create content that inspires them to click through to your website or take a desired action.

In addition to increasing your number of friends by offering exclusive offers and promotions, you can generate followers by taking advantage of Line Point Ads. This promotional service allows Line users to earn points by watching an advert or adding an account as a friend. Line users can use their points to purchase stickers, themes and other products within the Line app, which is why the Line Points advertising platform can be so beneficial for your business.

Millions of people in Thailand spend hours of their day scrolling through their feeds looking for ways to earn points. If you want to get your message in front of them, you should work with an agency that understands how to use the platform to make sure your ads get seen by your target audiences. When it comes to Line advertising, nobody understands the ins and outs better than us. If you’d like to learn more about this innovative feature of Line or how our service can benefit your business, we hope to hear from you.

Line recently launched its increasingly popular TV platform. It allows its users to watch exclusive content ranging from variety shows to TV dramas. More importantly, it enables you to display ads to users who have an interest in your products or services, enabling you to maximise your advertising conversion rate and return on investment.

After Japan, Thailand has the second largest number of Line users in the world, meaning if you’re a business in Bangkok, Line is an advertising platform you simply can’t afford to ignore. Work with our team of experts to develop your Line advertising strategy, and you can feel confident that your company will grow to new heights.

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Choose Move Ahead Media for Line Advertising in Bangkok

At Move Ahead Media, our experts can use their analytical skills, data from Line and the most advanced tools on the web to identify your target customers and determine how they interact with the immensely popular Line application. By harnessing the power of the Line Ads Platform, we can build your customer base, improve your sales, boost your credibility, bolster your online presence and much more.

As an agency, we’ve helped businesses in Australia and the UK grow by advertising on social media for over a decade. Now, thanks to our knowledge of the Line app and having a regional office in Bangkok with a team of local experts, we’re helping companies throughout Thailand expand their operations using Line. Not only do we guarantee results, but we also aim to be the best value digital agency in the nation. If you want to learn more about Line marketing or have any questions about the potential of the Line Ads Platform for your company, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll gladly tell you more about our service.


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