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Conversion rate optimisation is the process of making improvements to your landing page and website with the end goal of bringing in more conversions. If you want to stay ahead of your competition and continue doing business, you need to do a periodic CRO audit. This is an opportunity to analyze what strategies are working and what changes you need to incorporate. The audit will also provide a solid foundation to more sales, leads or other conversion types.

What is a CRO Audit?

A CRO audit is like a website review, only that it is focused on your ability to make a conversion. This process requires you to take a step back and look at your website from the viewpoint of a customer. The goal is to identify areas that need to be improved on especially those directly linked with conversion. Several factors are looked into during the process such as layout and design, landing page, check out process and content.

It is not enough that you know the average conversion rate eCommerce industry has today. You need to focus on your website and not rely on comparison data. After all, each website is different and your target market respond differently to various prompts.

CRO Audit


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Why You Need to Perform an Audit

One of the reasons why ecommerce conversion optimisation fails is because you tend to adapt practices by other websites. It might seem like a smart idea at first to adapt practices that have worked for other websites. However, what works for one business does not necessarily translate to success into your own. Your audience is different from theirs; this alone can have a huge impact on your ability to make conversions.

The need to perform a CRO audit is to identify practices that are suited for your website. If you keep “testing” what is a good ecommerce conversion rate, your effort is worthless. Stop gambling and do an audit instead. A full audit will point you to the steps needed to turn your visitors to customers.

One of the best ways to understand how an audit works is to compare it to the relationship between doctor and patient. Before a doctor can recommend a treatment, the doctor must diagnose the patient first. Or else, the treatment will be rendered useless.

A CRO audit is one strategy that most companies have not employed yet. If you are one of these companies, this is your wake-up call. This is a good step to spot trends and patterns so you can make changes to your conversion rate optimisation accordingly.

CRO Audit Best Practices

When you have done your audit, it is time to implement your ecommerce conversion optimisation strategy. Here are final tips to keep in mind:

Identify your business goal. What do you want to achieve from the audit? What information do you wish to obtain? Is it to improve your average ecommerce conversion rate? With a goal in mind, you can align your efforts to ensure that you are working toward realizing your goal.

You must also evaluate user experience. The quality of the user experience on your website, especially the landing page, can determine if you succeed or fail. It is more than just design; it incorporates loading speed, intuitiveness, and overall feel. A beautiful-looking website is no good if the user can’t find the information they need or it takes too slow to load.

You must collect qualitative data. When doing an audit, there is a tendency to focus on the quantitative data – statistics, measurements, etc. However, the qualitative data is just as important. You need to analyze who your customers are, where they are from, and what they want or expect from you.

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