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Keyword mapping is the process of assigning or mapping keywords to specific pages on a website based on keyword research.  Based on your mapping process we are able to make specific On-Page SEO recommendations to help make the page more relevant to the mapped keywords.

In addition, it is a way to determine the required content to optimise the page in line with Googles recommendations for content relevancy for search intent.


  • Keyword Research
  • Search Volumes
  • Ranking Report
  • Map Keywords to Current Site
  • New Landing Page Requirement
  • Review Current Content
  • New Content Specifications
Keyword Mapping
Keyword Mapping


Drive more traffic, create a more logical system on your site, spark quicker conversions with a more natural process.

The name, at first, is probably a rather daunting one to wrap your head around, but it’s actually easier than it sounds. It also brings the site a lot of benefits on the SEO side of things, which is why it’s best to implement this style of page arrangement into your site.

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It’s a logical way of laying out your site into pages and categories. It also organises your site in the easiest way so that users can access your site without any unneeded stress. Further, this web page architecture simplifies navigation for users, and it also allows Google to crawl pages in the site in a much faster way.

And an example layout of the URL structure would be like this:


This layout should also bear in mind the keywords you want to rank for. Say you’re a wedding business, and would like to rank for “bridal shower services”, a page within your information architecture should be based on that service.



The advantages of such a user experience design are great for businesses eager to see more sales:

  1. Accessibility: With your user experience design at the forefront of many websites, it should be paramount to keep your website user friendly as much as possible. Implementing an information architecture web design will cut out the complicated parts that users may face and keeps a logical path for visitors to follow.
  2. SEO Gains: You directly benefit from using a mapping and information architecture system, as each page will be optimised accordingly with the correct keyword usage and relevancy. You also give a direct signal to Google about the services you offer to your customers, which can allow you to rise through the ranks in the SERPs.
  3. Greater Chance to Convert: With users following a logical, clear path of breadcrumbs from the start of your architectural layout, they’re guaranteed to learn much more information about what you want to provide and thus you’re more likely to gain a conversion out of it. You’re leading them down your own sales funnel with each click of a page until they’re prepared to type in their details.

Keyword Research

A key component in the process. This will consist of highly extensive research that will highlight specific areas and services that your business can benefit from. These new pages are then optimised according to the findings in order for you to fully see the advantages.

URL Allocation

We work on the URLs that could be used based on the services and products that the website in question provides. This is then approved by you before we head on to the next phase, should you have any suggestions you want to run by us. This process is two way street to ensure we are optimising for the keywords you want to rank for.


Depending on the website, the implementation is the next phase of the process after the URLs are determined. Once it’s approved by you, we can begin the implementation. This can take a short amount of time or longer, depending on the size of your site and how many pages you want restructured or created.

Move Ahead Media will work closely with you to ensure a smooth process throughout the user experience design mode that will guarantee better rankings, better growth and increased conversions every time.

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