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The key components of constructing your website for the SERPs come down to the onsite optimisation, otherwise known as on-page SEO. This part of the SEO can actually be fairly straightforward if you know exactly how to perform such website optimisation and search engine marketing, but it can also be down to an exact science.

What is Onsite Optimisation?

The first things that Google sees, in layman’s terms.

It mainly comes down to these areas:

  • Onsite content
    The quality, word count and presentation of the content found on each page. Two lines of sales copy just won’t do.
  • Meta descriptions
    Essentially 150 – 160 characters of sales copy that the user will see when they search for a term in Google.
  • Titles
    Also a part of the metadata, which can decide who clicks on your link.
  • Tags (including alt tags)
    Alternative text for screen reader users, which can be optimise the images on your site.
  • Structure of the site Is your site easy to read? Is the layout stylish? Is it easily accessible?

Your first area of focus should be on keyword research, which can be a time consuming process if you don’t know exactly where to begin (or even what keywords to aim to rank for).


In a general sense, when it comes down to website optimisation, the keyword you would like to rank for should be included in your content and metadata in order to see your pages being ranked in the SERPs.

These days, search engines are looking for the right mix of good quality content, the amount of time spent on a certain webpage, how many times people click through to a webpage and if the page is of any use to the visitor – if a conversion is ever made.

If you’re not optimising your site correctly you could be in for surprise when your site is not in the top ten, and who searches on the second page of Google? (Answer: 6%, compared to 94% on the first page.)

What can Move Ahead Media Thailand provide for me?

We have a number of plans and services within onsite optimisation and search engine marketing that can allow you to see the benefits of implementing keyword-rich content.

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A website must have high quality content that’s worthy of being linked to with relevant, up to date information. In fact, providing your users with solid content throughout your site is a ranking factor in Google that can hurt your rankings if not employed.

Move Ahead Media works directly with an in-house team of professional wordsmiths who ensure the content they deliver to you is unique, pertinent and of stellar quality that everyone will want to link to your site.

Without the perfect recipe of on-page SEO, the site can suffer from detrimental ranking drops. People will click through to your site because of that enticing title and meta description, which is why it needs to be crafted perfectly.

From the meta description fixes, to keyword recommendations within your alt tags, your website optimisation is taken care of with Move Ahead Media. We work with you directly to ensure that you rank for the keywords you want to reach for, as well as providing you with the best ways to get your searchers to click.

Areas of improvement will be:

  • Title Tags
  • H1 – H6 Headers
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Use of Robot text to target relevancy to the landing page
  • Duplication Issues
  • Site Navigation Optimisation

One the on-page elements are taken care of, there are also offsite areas to consider. We provide a wide range of different services for once your main site optimisation is perfected.

One such option is conducting a backlink building campaign, where we gather a selection of relevant links to point to your site through white hat means. This backlinks act as upvotes to your site, which can over time increase the trust and authority level for your website.

Other services include:

  • Exclusive Themed Link Articles from Independent Active Websites
  • Exclusive Domain Links – Individually created micro-sites for your business
  • Booster Links – short life span links to create immediate recognition within Google for specific key terms
  • Articles – professionally written and individually submitted to highly respected article websites
  • Directory Submissions – Premium / Standard Free submissions. Paid Directory submissions
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Contact us today to see where we can take your Google SEO and rankings.

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