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Introducing Our Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Service in Bangkok

When designing a new website, many company owners in Bangkok focus solely on how their sites will appear on desktop devices. However, what many businesses forget is that a significant portion of their customers don’t use desktops to find their services. They use their smartphones instead because they can search for services and products on the go. In fact, some studies suggest that up to 80% of local business searches are conducted on mobile devices. Couple that with the fact that website loading speed is an essential Google ranking factor, and you can understand why optimising the loading speed of your site is crucial, particularly when it comes to mobile devices.

Typically, a smartphone user will wait no longer than a few seconds for a website to load. If the webpage fails to load quickly enough, they’ll simple ‘bounce,’ meaning they’ll return to Google’s search engine results page and click on a different link. That means that if your website loads too slowly on mobile devices, you could lose customers to your competitors needlessly. Thankfully, there is a way to make sure slow loading speeds don’t affect your SEO rank or conversion rates. You simply need to create accelerated mobile pages (AMPS).

AMPs can load up to six times faster than standard pages, significantly boost your conversion rates, minimise your bounce rate, and improve your search engine ranking. As a leading AMP development service provider in Bangkok, we can help you realise all those benefits and more.


Why Are Accelerated Mobile Pages So Crucial for Your Company?

At Move Ahead Media, we always stay on top of the latest best SEO practices, which is why we pay close attention to loading times when developing websites. We also create responsive websites that offer a positive user experience on any device. However, if you want to create some landing pages that load almost instantaneously, you need to create some AMPs.

So, what exactly is an AMP?

An AMP is a webpage developed in accordance with a strict set of open-source guidelines backed by Google. For example, an AMP page can only contain one inline CSS style sheet, minimising the need for requests back and forth to your servers and thus improving your website speed. Additionally, AMPs are static, meaning the layout of the webpage is loaded before any of its elements. Why does this improve your website speed? Because it eliminates the risk of one slow-loading element from reducing your overall website speed.

As a leading Bangkok agency that specialises in the development of AMPs, we can create dynamic, smooth and striking mobile webpages that load almost instantly, minimising your bounce rate in the process. Unlike many of our competitors, we know how to incorporate JavaScript features into your AMPs to make your webpages interactive without diminishing your website speed.

The bottom line is – you simply can’t afford to ignore your website speed, especially on mobile devices. We live in a new age of information consumerism, which means people want to access content instantly. By creating an AMP, you can make sure your content loads in less than a second. Trust our agency experts to develop your landing pages, and we’ll make sure your content engages readers and converts them into paying customers.


In short, the benefits of AMPs include:

We can make sure that essential elements, such as your marketing materials, appear first on your AMP, resulting in higher ad viewability rates.
As mentioned above – creating an AMP is all about improving your website speed. An AMP can load in under a second if developed correctly, which is why you should partner with our agency experts.
By improving your website speed, you can make sure people remain on your webpage and read what you have to say.
Website speed is now an essential ranking factor on Google. If you want to retain your leading positions on the search engine results pages, you should create some AMPs.
AMPs work on any device, but they’re especially useful for smartphone users. People who use smartphones to search for your company will only wait a few seconds for your website to load.

Despite the countless benefits of creating AMPs and improving your website speed, many companies from almost all industries still haven’t created AMP landing pages, which could give you a distinct advantage over the competition. At Move Ahead Media, we’re a long-established agency that’s created AMPs for a broad range of companies. For example, we helped Premium Language Vacations achieve a website speed of 100% when they wanted a simple landing page to increase their conversion rates. We achieved a similar level of success when we created an AMP for Amber Tiles, a company that wanted to earn more enquiries. In fact, we’ve even designed an AMP home page for our own site to improve our overall website speed and our conversions.

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Learn More about AMP Development in Bangkok with Move Ahead Media

The Google-based, AMP open-source framework was introduced back in 2015. Even though many companies have yet to utilise AMPs to their advantage, the creation of such pages is on the rise. If you want to gain the upper hand over the competition, now’s the perfect time to optimise your website speed by creating an AMP, which we can do for a cost-effective price. If required, we can also create all the content for your AMP to maximise your conversion rate and return on investment. Moreover, as a Premier Partner with Google, you can feel confident that we understand the ins and outs of the AMP framework.

Creating AMPs is a highly effective way to boost your website speed and the success of your digital marketing efforts. However, you still need to pay attention to other factors that affect SEO – such as keywords and content marketing – and online advertising channels such as social media, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and more. As a holistic digital marketing agency in Bangkok, we can develop a long-term online advertising strategy for your company that includes the creation of AMPs and the development of advertising campaigns. Learn more about our extensive range of digital services by calling us today.


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