5 Tips to Consider For Using Backlink on your Business

The importance of backlinks

The importance of backlinks

In the past, people purchased products at department stores, shops, and supermarkets as they were consulted by sales merchandisers but nowadays, consumers can easily access online shops by using their smartphones. We can’t deny that smartphones are a part of our daily lives, from morning until we go to sleep. The internet of things is a part of the culture and social media is embedded in today’s DNA. We look for activities, food, fashion trends, travelling opportunities, jobs and even help with simple menial household chores. And as people’s behaviours have changed, online business has grown rapidly.

A digital marketing company will help achieve and boost your brand awareness which is not only on-site pages creating friendly for consumers, their strategies will help optimize your website, integrate relevant keywords, improve site load time, plus many other techniques that work with google algorithms.

The off-site page or link building is a type of SEO Strategy (search engine optimization) that helps your website achieve ranking on the top of google pages or any other SERPs to gain trust from search engines. In this blog, we will talk about what it is and share some tips to consider using backlinks to build up and get more incoming links to connect to your site.

Why backlinks are important

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is an inbound or outbound link from other domains that adds value to your website domain by using a hyperlink or anchor text. This is the perfect concept when you compare it with the word of mouth on social media or simply community discussion.

Types of backlinks:

In the link-building industry, there are several types of links to consider when you are trying to build or reinforce the position of your website. There are three main types of backlinks, which are: natural editorial, non-editorial and manual.

Natural editorial backlink: It is an organic inbound link. If your website has quality content, it will have the tendency to get referred to or mentioned by others as your website contains rich information or relevant content. Therefore, another website will mention the point you raised and create hyperlinks or anchor text back to your website. Then your website will get a backlink in the long term and that you naturally get a backlink for free.

Non-editorial backlink: This is when you comment on your website link on forums, Facebook, or Webboard such as Pantip, Sanook, Kapook. Google considers backlinks from the comments as “Nofollow”. Even if you created thousands of these backlinks, it wouldn’t help your website ranking and risk being pointed as a spam website.

Manual link building: This means creating backlinks by posting hyperlinks or anchor text on other sites, and the website gives you a hyperlink or backlink that links back to your website.

backlinks important that website links to another

5 Tips to consider for using backlinks for your business

At this point, we hope you have some understanding of what a backlink is and how it works. Now, we would like to point out five things you should consider if you plan to build more backlinks to your website.

Choosing Do-follow backlinks

Do-follow or follow backlinks means that the origin website or the website that refers to you allows you to pass overvalue or “link juice” to your website from a high authority website. We recommend keeping an eye on and earning more high-quality backlinks to build a strong position and rank well on search engines such as Google. On the opposite side, a “Nofollow” is a set of codes from an authority site to tell the search engine that the website is not allowed to pass along value or link juice to another site or your website. According to Google standards, sponsor articles or paid links are not ideal for having quality backlinks as everyone can earn this type of link by simply buying or purchasing a link to build it and link to your website. This is why these types of backlinks are coded as nofollow. Quality backlinks to your website are also considered a ranking factor as well.

high quality backlinks as vote of confidence

Avoiding spammy websites

This is when you get backlinks from irrelevant, broken links, low-quality online directories, penalty domains, or links to bad neighbourhoods such as pornography or gambling sites. Metaphorically, it is similar to real-life: if you hang out with a bad group, people will assume that you are also up to no good. This is similar to what the Google Algorithm does and then your website might be penalized. Google believes that something good will be mentioned from many and trustable sources but if you get mentioned from low quality or low authority sites, how can this be a perfect source of information?

Avoiding Private Blog Network (PBNs)

It is a technique or blog group controlled by Black Hat SEO publishers that purchases expired high domain authority websites to promote money sites and build several backlinks quickly. This is so harmful with unnatural backlinks and against Google rules! You need to make sure that if you’re trying to get or earn a backlink from someone, it should be a trustworthy source and have real traffic to those websites or else your website might get a penalty from Google.

Metrics as essential component

Considering the site metrics

In terms of backlink management, digital marketing specialist uses tools to consider metrics on reliable quality websites suitable for your business. The following are some of the metrics that are commonly used and considered:

● Domain Authority (DA) is a Moz’s scored search engine that will show score estimation from 1 to 100 rank referring to relevance on a specific subject in result pages (SERPs) by factors linking root domains and the total number of links.

● Domain Rating, (DR) is an Ahrefs’s scored search engine that measures scale from 1 to 100 and shows the idea of strength backlink profile in terms of quantity and quality of backlinks.

● Referring Domains (RD) is an external website that directly mentions or links backs to your website. RD also points to a URL, subdomain, or subfolder of a target website.

● Traffic (TR) is an approximation of monthly searching traffic on the target website, subdomain, or URL. It is considered to be trustworthy if these websites are getting real traffic through different channels.

Not every business has the same strategy to choose the number of DA, DR, RD, and TR. Sometimes, SEO specialists need to use other metrics to consider together, such as organic keywords, organic traffic, number of backlinks, social metrics, etc. Hopefully now you can see a better picture of why you need experts on backlink management to help you maintain your credibility online.

Quality sites link earning that links from high quality website

Quality Backlinks from Relevant posts and niches

Let’s say your business is a fashion retail brand, you know your campaigns are working when your style is being followed (sometimes copies) and you get loyal customers who are in love with your brand’s unique design. But when we look at your website, it has a backlink on food and beverage articles instead of fashion sites or magazines. Even if the food website has high metrics and properly gives some backlinks, this may not be a perfect approach if you are looking for luxury clothes. Search Engines also have the same hypothesis of what perfect backlinks would be, between earning important backlinks from food and beverage websites or fashion blogs or fashion magazine websites.

one method of rankings

High-Quality Backlink Management for better results

The above are just some tips in terms of off-site pages. Since Google constantly changes algorithms, digital marketing companies have to update google news and social trends to provide the best service to customers in digital transformation. It may sound time-consuming to do both types of research and get a complete understanding of all changes. At Move Ahead Media, we have an in-house team of link building and backlink management who can support your website! Simply contact us now, we would love to hear from you no matter which industry you are in. Let us help you move ahead!

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