Digital Marketing News Round Up (Week 13 2024)

We are back with another Move Ahead Media Weekly News Round Up! Digital Marketing never stops. Read our blog below to learn some interesting new developments over the past few days.

It’s the 13th week of the year and the last week of Q1 – where has the time gone?! This week, we will talk about a change in hospitality industry listings, the rise of LinkedIn, updates on the SafeSearch Tool, and GitHub deployments. And lastly, we will take a look inside the infamous “click farms”.


Digital Marketing News Topics Week 13

  • Google Removes Phone Numbers From Hotel Search Listings
  • LinkedIn’s Quiet Transformation and Acceleration
  • SafeSearch Tool Migrates To Search Console
  • Simplifying Workflows on WordPress with GitHub
  • Step Into the World of Vietnam’s Click Farms
Google Removes Phone Numbers From Hotel Search Listings

Google Removes Phone Numbers From Hotel Search Listings

As of 19 March 2024, Google has started removing the phone number section for hotels in the search results. The change seems to be isolated to only hotels. Restaurants, schools and other shops still have their contact numbers displayed.

No official comments have been received from Google about why this happened or if it is a glitch. While the number has disappeared, people can still click the “call” button. Phone numbers can now be found by clicking deep into the listing and then looking under the “about” tab.

We’ll keep an eye out for the developments and keep you in the loop.

Source:  https://www.seroundtable.com/google-drops-phone-numbers-hotel-listings-37080.html

LinkedIns Quiet Transformation And Acceleration

LinkedIn’s Quiet Transformation and Acceleration

When talking about popular social media platforms, LinkedIn is not usually in the top 3. It can also be argued that it’s not even for social media at all. However, LinkedIn seems to be rising to the top of the minds of bespoke agencies and creators.

The move towards remote working during the pandemic was the catalyst for this. Professionals and businesses turned to LinkedIn to build connections and look for work. This made the site into a content recommendation engine.
In 2021, they launched their creator management program, which now is called LinkedIn Top Voices. It’s an invite-only program run by LinkedIn’s editorial team of 250 members.

The rise of LinkedIn Influencers and LinkedIn specialist agencies is a testament to the new trend. However, they are focused on distinguishing themselves from other platforms by making sure their content creators and influencers are legit and only create quality posts.

So is it time for you to look into LinkedIn marketing?

Source: https://digiday.com/marketing/how-linkedin-became-the-talk-of-the-town-even-as-its-emergence-has-been-years-in-the-making/

SafeSearch Tool Migrates To Search Console

SafeSearch Tool Migrates To Search Console

Google announced that they moved the SafeSearch tool functionality to the Search Console Platform as of 19 March 2024.

But what is the SafeSearch tool? It’s designed to detect explicit content and control the content that appears on their search results by using filters and blur options.

Moving this to Search Console means site owners can now manage these settings alongside other SEO tools in one area. Other than visual and navigational changes, the core functionality remains the same. This integration is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to consolidate its search-related tools and give users a more unified experience.

Need help navigating the world of SEO? Contact us for a free audit today.

Source: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-migrates-safesearch-tool-to-search-console/511554/

Simplifying Workflows On WordPress With GitHub

Simplifying Workflows on WordPress with GitHub

Great news for WordPress users, GitHub Deployments has just been launched!

This will let you connect your repository to your WordPress site in just a few clicks. No more manual file uploads!

There are 3 main reasons for this update:

  1. A streamlined workflow! Unlike previous GitHub integrations, you don’t have to provide a workflow file. It will let you connect and deploy in a few clicks on your dashboard. Connecting multiple repositories and deploying a plugin or theme to many sites with a single branch push is now possible.
  2. Run checks and tasks to process files and run tasks before transferring them to your site. This helps ensure that everyone in the team publishes the same code patterns.
  3. And lastly, it lets you deploy the way you want. You can adjust the settings for each repository, giving you control over how your code is shipped. Whether you want it manually deployed or automatically, you decide.

Source: https://wordpress.com/blog/2024/03/18/github-deployments/

Step Into the World of Vietnam’s Click Farms

Jack Latham, a CNN reporter, shares eye-opening photos from his investigation of Vietnam’s infamous click farms. These farms artificially generate likes, comments and shares on their client’s social media accounts. His article gives us a rare glimpse into the workshops.

Though it’s not clear when click farms began increasing in numbers, it’s been said that they might have started operating from low-income countries as early as 2007.

Despite the fraudulent nature of their work, it seems that the “farmers” treat it like another job. They had tremendous amounts of hardware much like what you would expect from a Silicon Valley start-up.

We call click farms a cruel reality of online advertising. They work by manipulating algorithms and boosting “likes” on their peers. They also click on your ads with no intention of buying, therefore draining your budget. Let’s not forget the vulnerable “farmers” who are working for minimal salaries and often in terrible conditions.

Preventing click farms from harming your ads is difficult. Luckily, our team at Move Ahead Media can help you filter traffic, do real-time monitoring and look out for strange metrics and other common indicators of click fraud. Contact us today if you need more information.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/style/vietnam-farms-jack-latham-beggars-honey/index.html



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