YouTube Bumper Ad Best Practices: Boost Your Campaign

In today’s thriving digital landscape, video advertising has become an incredibly powerful tool for marketers. YouTube in particular, being the second largest search engine globally, offers a unique platform from which you can reach a vast audience.

One effective format within YouTube advertising is the bumper ad. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the best practices for running successful YouTube bumper ad campaigns of your own.

By better understanding the specs, learning from some examples, and implementing key, ‘tried and tested’ strategies, you can create truly compelling bumper ads that will turn heads and drive results.
Let’s get stuck in…

What Are YouTube Bumper Ads


YouTube bumper ads are short, non-skippable video ads that appear before or during a viewer’s chosen video on YouTube.


If you wish to maximise the impact of your videos, first you need to understand the platform’s guidelines and YouTube bumper ad specs:

  • Length: Bumper ads have a maximum duration of 6-seconds. This level of brevity calls for concise messaging and a clear CTA (call to action).
  • Aspect Ratio: Google recommends using a video 16:9 ratios to fit better with CTVs.
  • Max File Size: 1GB.
  • Frame Rate: 60fps.
  • File Type: Any file type accepted by YouTube is viable (AVI, ASF, QuickTime, Windows Media, MP4, or MPEG).
  • Resolution: 640 pixels by 360 pixels / 480 pixels by 360 pixels.
  • Compatibility: Make sure your YouTube bumper ads are compatible with mobile and desktop devices.
  • Storytelling: Due to the limited time frame, focus on delivering a single message or capturing a specific moment rather than trying to convey a complex narrative.
  • Branding: Make your brand visible within the first few seconds of the ad to create brand recognition and encourage recall.
  • Visuals and Sound: Use high-quality visuals and clear audio to capture viewers’ attention and convey your message effectively.
Making Your Bumper Ads Effective And Non Skippable

Making Your Bumper Ads Effective and Non-Skippable

Creating impactful bumper ads goes far beyond meeting the technical specifications. Here are some YouTube bumper ads best practices to give your ads that extra competitive edge:

  1. Focus on a Single Objective: In longer videos you have a little more time, giving you more freedom and flexibility to introduce multiple elements such as detailed product info or a short story. However, in YouTube bumper ads, time is (quite literally) of the essence – which means you’ve got to focus on one single objective and get it done quickly. The key takeaway from this point is not to overcomplicate it.
  2. Shoot for Six: Don’t try to cut a longer video up and repurpose it for a YouTube bumper ad. Instead, create a six-second, purpose-built video from scratch.
  3. Grab Attention: You must start your bumper ad with a captivating hook to immediately engage your viewers. Consider using bold visuals, light-hearted humour, or intriguing questions to pique their interest.
  4. Clear Message: Craft a concise and compelling message that resonates directly with your target audience. Clearly communicate the value proposition or offer that sets your brand apart.
  5. Strong Call to Action: Since bumper ads are brief, a strong call to action is absolutely crucial. Encourage viewers to take action, such as visiting your website, making a purchase, or subscribing to your channel. Make sure you use ‘lazy’ words and highlight the path of least resistance (e.g., “Fill Out the Form to Join Our Newsletter”, sounds exhausting. “Click Here and Stay Informed” on the other hand, sounds a little less cumbersome).
  6. Visual Impact: Leverage visually striking elements, such as vibrant colours, dynamic animations, or surprising transitions to leave a lasting impression on viewers.
  7. Mobile Optimisation: Given the rise of mobile consumption, it’s well-worth optimising your bumper ads for mobile devices. Ensure the visuals and text are easily readable on smaller screens for the biggest impact.
  8. Retargeting: Retargeting is an incredibly powerful tool that can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your YouTube bumper ads. It’s all about keeping your brand in front of those who have previously engaged with you, but haven’t yet made a purchase! You can learn more about Google Ads remarketing and how it can supercharge your YouTube bumper ads campaign here.

If you’re feeling a little out of your depth but still wish to successfully run some effective YouTube bumper ads, we urge you to explore our YouTube ads service. Our experienced team of ads specialists will happily help you smash your marketing goals.

Learning From YouTube Bumper Ad Examples

Learning from YouTube Bumper Ad Examples

For inspiration and insight into successful bumper ads, we’ll run you through some YouTube bumper ad examples. These are just some basic ideas to get the proverbial creative juices flowing:

  1. Fitness Centre Example:
    • Length: 6 seconds
    • Strategy: The ad showcases quick shots of people engaging in various fitness activities, emphasising the centre’s energetic environment and promoting a limited-time membership offer.
    • Takeaway: Highlight the benefits of your product or service within the limited time frame, using visually appealing imagery.
  2. Tech Example:
    • Length: 6 seconds
    • Strategy: The ad features a series of quick product shots, highlighting the sleek design and innovative features of their latest gadget.
    • Takeaway: Focus on visually demonstrating the key features or unique selling points of your product to capture viewers’ attention.
  3. Travel Agency Example:
    • Length: 6 seconds
    • Strategy: The ad showcases stunning travel destinations, evoking a sense of wanderlust and inviting viewers to book their dream vacation.
    • Takeaway: Use breath-taking visuals to create an emotional connection and appeal to viewers’ desires and aspirations.

If you’d like to explore some additional, real life examples, here is a handy playlist with 20 unique and inspiring YouTube bumper ad examples.



YouTube bumper ads are non-skippable and provide a valuable opportunity to reach and engage your target audience in a short span of time.

By understanding the specifications, implementing best practices for maximum effectiveness, and drawing inspiration from other successful examples, you can create compelling bumper ads of your own that will make a lasting impact.

Remember to keep your message concise, your visuals captivating, and your call to action strong!

With the right strategies in place, you can master short video campaigns and achieve your marketing goals on YouTube. Furthermore, if you combine your efforts with Google Ads services, you can significantly increase your potential reach.

In any case, we hope you’ve found this article insightful. Should you have any further questions or if you wish to explore our digital marketing services further, please do not hesitate to contact us today – we’d love to hear from you!

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