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At Move Ahead Media, we’re a top AdWords company in Bangkok because we specialise in all aspects of digital marketing, from social media advertising to SEO. Our PPC management services encompass all forms of paid Google Advertising. We can also integrate your AdWords campaigns into holistic content marketing, social media and SEO strategies to transform your company into an online giant.

If you’re searching for a PPC marketing agency in Bangkok, you shouldn’t look any further than Move Ahead Media, an international leader in digital marketing. Learn more about our Google AdWords management services or request your free audit by calling us today. We hope to be the partner that takes your company to new heights.
We’ve developed a three-step formula to guarantee the success of our google advertising campaigns:

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To create the foundations for a successful campaign, we carry out preliminary keyword research and take the time to understand your company goals. Then, we develop engaging landing pages with a purpose to convert interested visitors into paying customers, increasing your quality score in the process. After defining your target audiences, we create multiple ads for each group, set up tracking codes for AdWords analytics and much more.
Now that we’ve developed your Google Ads campaign, we set a daily budget and start running your ads while monitoring your spend, click-through rate (CTR) and impressions. We also frequently perform A/B testing and gain analytical insights to make tweaks when necessary and maximise your ROI.
At Move Ahead Media, our AdWords specialists always strive to make improvements for the benefit of your business. We’ll report our detailed findings and produce accurate forecasts following each campaign so that we can continually make adjustments, ensuring our services always bring you a significant return.

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