Link Building Beginner’s Guide: 6 Types of Anchor Text

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Getting links to your website or any search results engine is part of a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. This can help your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPS) since high-quality inbound links can be considered as a ranking factor, as well as help build credibility to your website which results in more traffic and generating revenue for your business. Link building for SEO includes all of the external high-quality links to your site from other websites on the internet.

Not only is building links to other websites important but pointing words (anchor text) to a link is also an essential part of the link building process. However, there are several characteristics that should be mentioned and this guide to link building will discuss six types of links how different they are from one another.

6 Types of Anchor Text in Link Building

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An SEO Link Building campaign management is quite simple, most of the time, you earn links or natural backlinks from blog or guest post (white hat SEO) links pointing to your site. However, whether you earn links naturally or get inbound links from guest blogging or guest posting, you should have a basic understanding of types that go straight to your site as part of your backlink profile management. When you start to manage your backlink profile, you should know about this type and how it affects your website on some metrics such as referring domains and domain rating (DR) scores. DR score explains the strength of a website’s backlink profile compared to other websites on the Ahrefs database. Here are the six common types of anchor text:

Exact Match Link

exact match links

An exact match link is a link that looks similar to keywords that are on the landing page which can be used as an opportunity for ranking improvement.

For example, our keyword is “Spaghetti Carbonara” – we will use these words as a backlink to run to another website. You can see “Spaghetti Carbonara” on the landing page of that website with the same point as the link.

Partial Match Link

Partial match links

A partial match link is a link with a whole sentence but inserts main keywords in the sentence. For example, the main keyword is “Spaghetti Carbonara” again and the whole sentence is “How to cook spaghetti carbonara in one pan”, so we will add the link to whole this sentence. You can see that “Spaghetti Carbonara” is the main keyword and it’s also combined within the backlink text or anchor text. This can be treated as a natural type of anchor text, as it shows the context of the keywords, not just placing one keyword in the anchor text.

Branded Link

branded links

A branded link is an anchor text type that links to a website name or brand name. “Move Ahead Media” is our brand name, therefore, we will use this brand name as an anchor text to link to the website. The point of this anchor text is to represent the name of the brand, which creates brand awareness and recognition to search engines to know who you are and can make the website’s ranking increase.

Naked Link

naked links

In terms of SEO, we call this type of anchor a naked link because there are no words concealed on the URL website. Therefore this anchor text will show a naked URL that will directly link back to themselves.

For example, https://www.moveaheadmedia.co.th/, is a naked link that runs directly to the home page of Move Ahead Media.

Generic Link

generic links

A generic link is a type of anchor text to convince the reader to click. We still need a good sentence and anchor text to attract the reader by using these words: Click here, Read more, View page, Read the blog post, etc… The point of this anchor text is to increase traffic to the website where we build the link as it convinces readers to find more articles to read.

Image link

image links

This is the only type of anchor that is different from the others that we have previously mentioned above as this anchor is represented by an image. This is an anchor text in which we have to add the link into the image that should be relevant to your product by putting the keywords that we need to the Alt text on those pictures.

Anchor Text: Main Component Of Your Link Building Strategy

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All 6 characteristics of anchor text are very important to link building and google ranking factors. If you want your website to rank first in search engines and make sure that it is SEO friendly, you need to use all these types of anchor text in your content. It helps increase the number of visitors who click on each link, which is not only good for other websites that we build links to but also has a good effect on our website.

Up to this point, you may find that it takes a lot of link building efforts to manage your link profile more effectively. In the SEO community, earning links is the hardest type of backlinks you can get. If you cannot earn links naturally, you may have to contact the publisher for guest post collaboration. In this case, you need to get a piece of content to post on the publisher’s site. Moreover, you may find it very complicated with the examination of inbound links whether it is low quality or high-quality backlinks. Link Building for Search Engine Optimization can be challenging for some business owners to compete in the market to appear on a search engine such as Google, not to mention that there are Google’s guidelines to evaluate the type of backlinks you have whether it’s spam or coming from a private blog network (PBN).

If all of the things I have mentioned sound too overwhelming for you, don’t worry, MAM can help you get links! Our database has been thoroughly checked and our process of acquiring these publishers guarantees that you get better links on your web page.

If you are looking for link building management experts, look no further because MAM knows what we are doing! When it comes to building links, acquiring links, managing the number of backlinks, finding link-worthy content, searching for link opportunities and do-follow links, we’ve got you covered. We are a Google Premier Partner which means we have passed google’s criteria of agencies that really deliver results and search engine rankings.

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