Why Is SEO Important For Business?

Because of the population’s lifestyle change since the pandemic, digital marketing is now more essential and powerful for any business. Today’s potential customers either don’t have much time or don’t want to go to a store physically anymore so the majority has chosen online shopping. It’s safe, convenient and time-saving than traditional marketing or print advertising.

Online marketing became more famous for businesses. There are many ways to do online marketing, but today we will talk more in-depth about how online marketing can help you get long-term benefits for your business.

You’re reading this blog because you’re curious about SEO, right? Maybe you’ve heard that SEO services can make your website rank higher without paying for ads in google or other search engines, but you aren’t sure what it is in detail and how it works to help you grow your business.

Digital marketing can help your business succeed and it is one of the most important things to do is to build a good, functional and highly attractive website. But that will only succeed if you build it in a user-friendly way and if it’s optimized for SEO.

Below is all you need to know to have a basic understanding of SEO.

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, an organic or un-paid digital strategy that focuses only on organic search results to get qualified traffic or qualified leads and improve your website’s position on the search result page, making your website more visible for people.

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There are three types of SEO

1. Technical SEO

Technical SEO helps improve the technical aspects of your website to make the website rank in a better position in search engines. Technical SEO isn’t about content in the website, but it is about ensuring that the security and structure of your site meet the expectation of search engines algorithms. For example, a secure connection, mobile-friendly, free of duplicate content, and page loading speed. Technical SEO is important and part of On-page SEO, but it is the opposite of Off-page SEO.

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2. On-page SEO

Also called On-site SEO. This is the process of optimizing the content in your website including page titles, h1s, meta descriptions, content, internal link, and URLs, by using the target keywords or the right relevant keywords. Google will look at your page’s content to determine whether it is relevant or not. Moreover, Google (and any other search engines) is looking for the most relevant search result for a query. Relevance is a big part of On-page SEO so it would help if you were unique, clear, and relevant. Many on-page SEO elements are important ranking factors as well.

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3. Off-page SEO

It is the action taken outside your website or everything that doesn’t happen directly on your website. Off-page SEO tactics efforts help you increase your business website visibility, trust, and brand awareness. Off-page is also known as backlink acquisition. Using high-quality backlinks from a relevant website, either quality content or site reviews, and linking to your website can quickly help your website boost ranking in Google.

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Why Is SEO Important for Business?

There are several ways SEO can help your business grow. Here are just some of the top reasons:

1. Increase Online Visibility / Online Reputation

SEO can help your website get higher rankings in search results. The more people see your website, the more organic traffic or conversions you will get. Especially, if you are a local business that’s trying to gain or drive more online website traffic to your own website. SEO is considered to be extremely important as the competition on the local level can be much easier to dominate the SERPs from the local area first, then it increases the chance of your long term goal for high competitive keywords.

2. Increase Credibility And Trust

Many people get annoyed with paid advertising that constantly pops up while they’re browsing online. Some even put in the effort to use ad-blocking software to block paid ads! But in SEO, if your website is ranking in the high position or the first page of search results, that means your website has high-quality content and structure, and it will increase the credibility of your website.

3. The Long-term Strategy For The Long-lasting Results

SEO takes time, and it is a long-term strategy since it takes between 6 to 12 months to see the results. SEO gives you long-lasting results because your website remains visible while you’re moving up the ranking. Moreover, the long-lasting results will help you save costs in the future.

4. The Right Audience

SEO helps you get the right audience. A good SEO strategy will provide good content by using the correct keywords and your website or web pages will show up for the keywords that match your content. You will attract more customers and target audiences that are genuinely interested in your services or products.

why SEO is important for business

5. Improve Brand Awareness

SEO can help you improve brand awareness. The more people see your website, the more they familiar with your brand. Even if they don’t click on your website the first time, they will eventually feel familiar with your website and they will click it at the right time.

6. Beat Competitors

SEO can help you beat your competitors. If your website has a good SEO strategy, your website will be in the top rank and above your competitors in search results. The organic search result is so highly competitive you need to invest in an effective SEO strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

7. User Experience

A good SEO strategy is about gaining more online visibility by using keywords and giving a good user experience that visits your website. Is your website easy to navigate and mobile-friendly?

8. Save Cost

SEO is the marketing strategy that can help you save your budget in the long run. It will not cost you too much money compared to other paid search or digital marketing efforts. SEO is about investing and SEO is not advertising; you will get long-lasting results.

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If your business goals are to build long-term brand awareness, hit the right target audiences, and earn more revenue, then SEO or search engine optimization is the right one for you.

Whether your business is large or small, SEO is suitable for you and can help your business grow. SEO will not give you quick or overnight results, but you will get good long-lasting benefits for your business. Move Ahead Media is the best digital marketing in Bangkok, Thailand and a leader in the global SEO services market. Our SEO team provides complete digital marketing services, including global SEO, market analysis, google my business optimisations, long-term marketing strategies, among others. Contact us today to get a Free SEO Audit where we will go through your SEO data and make suggestions that will help attract customers and give you online success. Let’s get more traffic to your site!

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