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SEO - Adwords & Facebook Marketing for Supply Chain Management & Last Mile Logistics

Bespoke Digital Marketing for Logistics Companies in Thailand

Nowadays, almost all B2C and B2B companies need an online presence to stay relevant in the modern world of business and attract new customers. Building a website with powerful content is just the starting point. Without digital marketing for logistics companies, your website may be nothing more than a splash in the ocean. Fortunately, we can utilise a range of digital platforms to create campaigns that guarantee results.

At Move Ahead Media Bangkok, we’ve specialised in digital marketing for supply chain management companies for over a decade. Thanks to our success at home, we now have offices and satisfied clients throughout the world.

When creating campaigns, we analyse keywords, your competitors, customer behaviour, content and much more to help you remain ahead of the curve. Learn more about bespoke online marketing for white glove services by calling us today.



Reach Thousands of Prospects with AdWords for Logistic Companies in Thailand

By embracing AdWords for logistic companies, you can get your adverts onto the first page of Google instantly while ensuring the right people see them at the right time. We can create AdWords campaigns that target users based on interests, location, demographics, online activity and more. In addition to generating sales, we can use AdWords for last mile logistics companies to boost brand awareness, enhance trustworthiness and increase your traffic.

Thanks to our industry expertise, we know how to get your ads in front of thousands of prospects while maximising your ROI. Call us, and we’ll tell you more about AdWords for white glove service companies.


SEO for Thai Logistic Companies: First-Page Results Guaranteed

Digital marketing isn’t all about short-term wins. It’s about increasing and sustaining your online revenue stream, making it essential to ensure your customers can find you on the search engines, a process known as search engine optimisation (SEO). By targeting keywords with high-quality content, you can maximise your search engine visibility without depleting your marketing budget. If you want to learn more about SEO for logistic companies, we’re the company to call.

Our writers, editors, SEO specialists and analysists can audit and optimise your website before creating a long-term content strategy that will help you dominate the search engines. If you have any questions about SEO for last mile logistics in Thailand, don’t hesitate to call us.


Create Highly Targeted Adverts with Facebook Ads for Logistic Companies in Thailand

By the end of the year, Facebook may have close to or over three billion active monthly users. As such, it’s one of the most powerful online marketing platforms available. Not only can you reach thousands of prospects on Facebook, but you can create highly targeted ads to maximise your conversion rate. However, when it comes to creating Facebook ads for logistic companies, you need to know how to utilise Facebook’s advertising functionality to its maximum potential.

Fortunately, you can create targeted ads that resonate with your prospects and customers by allowing our social media experts to create effective Facebook ads for your last mile logistics company. We’ll also analyse the results to maximise the performance of future campaigns.


Transforming Leads for Logistic Companies in Thailand into Paying Customers

If you can generate leads online, you can capture specific customer data, enabling you to send highly targeted and personalised messaging to customer segments. You can also build a database of contacts that you can reach out to with news of company and product updates. At Move Ahead Media Bangkok, we know how to generate leads for logistic companies and analyse each lead’s activity on your website. More importantly, we know how to transform your leads into paying customers.

Facebook Ads, SEO, AdWords and leads generation for white glove service companies are just some of our areas of expertise. If you’d like to find out how we’d develop and execute your bespoke digital marketing strategy, we hope to hear from you.




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