Local Google Ads – Tips for Success

Google Ads Business Locations

Google local ads are a powerful tool that allows you to target potential customers in your area of the country. Campaigns can be set up for just about any business or location, so it’s easier than ever!

Read this blog to learn about Google Local campaigns and how they can help you get more customers and store visits.

We’ll talk about setting up and managing your local campaigns, plus some tips for making them more effective.

What are Google local ads and how do they work?

The Google local Ads platform is a great way to get your business in front of any customers near you, allowing you to set up campaigns that target people based on their location. This type of Local campaign is ideal for Brick and Mortar businesses, but can also benefit other business types.

Google displays ads relevant to where a user is searching for information. This way, advertisers can increase their chances at getting found and attract more attention from potential customers in that area with local Google Ads!

Google Local Campaigns Link Your Google Ads account to your Company’s Google My Business Page. This leverages your Google My Business account instead of Your website. The benefit of this is that Google Ads will optimise to people that are generally in the local area and are much more likely to turn into store visits or Click on the Get Directions. You should also see an increase in calls from your Local campaigns as the amount of traffic to your Listing will increase. Ensuring that your Phone Number is set up is key and then all of this wonderful data and increase in valuable actions will be clear to see in your Google My Business Account.

Google Ads Business Locations

Why Are Google Ads Local Campaigns Are So Effective?

The use of Google PPC advertising for local businesses can be used in a variety of ways. Aside from companies wishing to reach out to nearby audiences, it can also be used by any company that wants to reach out to a targeted audience in geographically relevant places. The right implementation of your local campaigns can produce successful results both for small and large local businesses alike when they are implemented correctly.

Google Ads Business Locations

How do Google Ads Local campaigns work?

The way Google Local campaigns work is actually quite simple. First, the advertiser sets up Location Extensions and some creative assets in local google ads. Then automatically places an ad to appear when someone searches near their storefront! These ads can show up on search engine results pages (SERPs), websites or YouTube videos; plus Maps apps too if you’ve got it set-up right – which means this could be a great marketing strategy for small businesses looking to get ahead of their competition by advertising themselves wherever potential customers might frequent while searching1

Google My Business Local Campaign

How to Set Up PPC Local Campaigns. 

local campaign

We have written this guide so that you can know more about geofencing marketing and local advertising: even though it is fun to talk about these subjects conceptually, we hope it empowers you to succeed with your local Google Ad campaigns.


  • Log into your Google Adwords account. 
  • From the left-hand menu, click Campaigns. 
  • Click the plus icon and select New campaign. 
  • Click Local store visits and promotions in the “New campaign” window.

In terms of options, there aren’t many to choose from, but you can choose to create location groups that you can use if you have different regional budgets or know that performance varies between locations, you can think of this like a product feed segmentation.

Clustering of locations together isn’t always necessary or something you may want to do for all local businesses.

The next step is to set a campaign budget, language targeting, and you can display a product feed if you want to show physical inventory.

Finally, we reach the ad creation section. It is a basic advertisement that Google manages through various networks. It is recommended that you test a wide variety of ideas beyond the traditional search, your main goal is to grab people’s attention and get them into your store.

Google My Business Store Visits

Managing A Local PPC Campaign

Local ads campaigns for businesses are just as valuable and time-consuming as national campaigns. If you run a business, you should understand the mindset of customers searching for similar companies and use this information when doing keyword research, etc. Clustering of locations together isn’t always necessary or something you may want to do for all local businesses.

Store Visit Conversions tells you how much foot traffic your Local campaigns are driving, using the searcher’s phone location history (through GPS) to determine if they visited a store following an ad. When someone makes a purchase at one of our partners’ stores as part of their search online on Google AdWords for example, this tool will record it and provide more granular insights about which PPC local campaign was most likely responsible for generating those conversions! By using Store Visit Conversions, we are able to see beyond the pure volume of foot traffic that our campaigns generate to gather more granular insights like which PPC local campaigns, keywords and devices are driving the most store visits to your local business.

Through this level of insight, we are able to calculate the ROI of the campaigns we run on behalf of our clients, and make more informed decisions regarding ad creative, spend, and bid strategies.

local campaign Store Visits and Promotions


After reading this article, you should feel more confident that you will be able to create the perfect Google local campaign. Our hope is that we were able to shed some light on all things related to this topic and offer some advice for implementing these services successfully! If you find any of this too difficult to you, we are here and happy to help, simply contact us now

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