SEO Agency – Top 4 Client Expectations

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of any company’s digital marketing strategy. If you hire an SEO expert, they can increase your website traffic and sales. Companies are reluctant to hire SEO services because they don’t know what result they want from them. In this blog, we will cover SEO Agency Top 4 Client Expectations.

1. What Do Clients Want To Achieve From An SEO Agency?

We often encounter this question, and most of us can answer it differently. We all know that no two clients are the same. Most SEO agencies invest plenty of time and resources to get new accounts on board. Existing clients are one of the most significant assets in every business. While some succeeded in retaining most of their clients, many others struggled to keep them. Keeping ongoing clients happy is extremely important for profitability and growth.

Search Engine Optimization


According to the recent State of SEO 2021 Survey conducted by Search Engine Journal – which was collected and covered insights from over 1200 working SEO Experts about their experiences with directly working with clients. Below is what they believe are the most common client expectations for any Search Engine Optimization company and SEO Freelancers.

  • Increase in Website Traffic

It tops the SEO Client expectations with 21.6% of survey respondents. If we consider these results, increasing the traffic is one of the objectives and part of any SEO Campaign strategy, and what we want is more qualified organic traffic.

  • New Customers

The survey highlighted that 19% of clients want new customers, leads and sales. This shows a more focused SEO strategy that delivers results, and it indicates the high proportion of clients who focuses on conversion and not just driving organic traffic.

  • Brand Awareness

18.5% of them want all of this, and 17% of clients wish to all metrics delivered by any SEO practitioner.

  • Better Rankings

A better ranking is achievable by using proper keyword research. Combine it with other SEO services and put it into an SEO strategic plan.

  • More Links

Link Building is one service area of every Search Engine Optimization company. It is used as one of the SEO strategies to get more visibility in search rankings.

As you know, an SEO agency is the best way to get your website in front of more people. Tons of people are looking for SEO agency services, and not everyone understands what they want from them. You can have a successful business without an SEO company, but; you may not be sure about the best way to optimize your website for search engines.  A local SEO agency can help you with this! They will work on your website and increase its ranking.  They help your business get visibility into potential customers looking for goods or services like yours.

2. Which Metrics Does An SEO Agency Use To Measure The Success of their Clients?

Top Search Engine Optimization Metrics used by Agencies

There are many different ways that a company can measure SEO success. The critical metrics that most top SEO companies use includes:

  • Keyword Ranking

Keyword Ranking is one of the most popular metrics used by an SEO agency. According to the same survey data, 44.7% was far and away the most well-known metric used by SEO agencies. Keyword ranking is twice popular as using Organic Traffic to measure results.

  • Organic Traffic

The second metric SEO company uses to measure their clients’ success is Organic Traffic. This means that you are getting visitors who directly come to your website via search engines like Google or Bing. Organic traffic can be categorized as new versus returning customers. Nowadays, mobile devices (iPhones, tablets, etc.) or desktop computers drive massive organic traffic. The more people visit your site, the higher it will rank on Google.

  • Social Media Traffic

The third metric SEO companies should use to measure results is social media traffic. Social Media Traffic is a popular search engine optimization tactic. B2B and B2C companies are looking at how many people are engaging with their product or service via Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc. People who share your posts on social media give you free marketing. Social networks play a huge role in search engine rankings, and it’s crucial to monitor your online presence!

3. What SEO Services Are Most In-Demand?

Top SEO services

If you ask a list of people this question, you will probably get a different answer each time, depending on their marketing needs. According to the SEJ State of SEO Report, here is an incomplete list of the SEO Services that most businesses and corporations need:

  • Content Strategy

Content Strategy tops the list as the most in-demand SEO service that clients are looking for. It includes on-page and off-page efforts to increase the visibility of your site.

  • Keyword Strategy

“Keyword Strategy” ranked as the second in-demand. What exactly does it entail? Keywords are still a vital part of Search Engine Optimization, so a keyword strategy is a must-have skill in any best SEO company out there. This type of SEO Service is all about finding keywords your target audience uses to find information and products online. Keywords will play an important role in ranking websites higher in first-page Organic Search.  Keyword Strategy help websites rank higher on search engine results and conversion optimization.

  • Web Design

Having a good Website Structure and design is one of the services that any business is looking for in an SEO Company. SEO experts can help you plan, map the structure of your website, and recommend making the necessary changes in terms of layout and dedicated landing pages.

  • User Experience

Having a good website design is not enough to keep your business top, and it must be thought of so that it’s ranking on search engines and it is easier for user experience. It has to be attractive, easy for customers to navigate and, more importantly, quality content.

  • Local SEO

A good SEO Company will use the most effective techniques to make your website reach its maximum potential keywords. These services are essential in ensuring that businesses get what they paid for their money.

  • Technical SEO

Technical audit is one of the core services in SEO, and it identifies any technical SEO problems,  from crawling and indexing to backlinks. Including an SEO Technical Audit as a service helps ensure that all of the different aspects of the client website are up-to-date and optimized for search engines.

  • Mobile SEO

The increase in mobile searches has already surpassed desktop. Is your website mobile friendly? With the recent Google algorithm change Mobilegeddon, you cannot afford to have a non-mobile-friendly site.

  • Content Production

SEO companies recommend producing high-quality content to keep your site’s ranking strong. Content reach out to search users who are looking for specific information. SEO experts suggest that SEO services should “focus on publishing high-quality content  supported by SEO best practices and ever-changing algorithms used to identify search engine results.”

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has recently become an important SEO service for businesses of all sizes. As the first article that shows up on Google, your business will be judged by what other people say about its social media presence. This SEO service will increase your visibility throughout the internet and build a better relationship with your customers.

Driving organic website traffic is typically one of the greatest challenges for small businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers. Businesses can make use of paid search services like Google Adwords. People who are not tech-savvy use these services to offer a simple one-click interface to launch paid search campaigns quickly. Paid Search is more accessible, and you need to determine what keywords to use and create an ad which can be done in minutes. There are over 1.2 million Adwords advertisers based on Google’s 2013 estimate. Paid Search like Google Adwords is the key for businesses. The paid Search focuses on ads that appear in paid listings. Search Engine Optimization drives organic traffic to the website, and Pay-per-click sends traffic directly to your website.

  • Link Building

It is one part of the SEO strategy that helps build backlinks for your website, thus bringing your SEO rankings to top positions on search engine results pages. It would help if you remembered that Google considers backlinks as votes for your website, and each voice adds you one score closer to top SEO rankings. Link building has changed dramatically over the years—Google Penguin algorithm update aimed at devaluing all backlinks coming from spammy sources. Businesses need to be extra careful in selecting SEO service providers from an Agency or Freelancers.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to get leads. If SEO is the backbone of good SEO service, email marketing is one of the foundations for marketers. This strategy helps them secure more leads and drive traffic with SEO. SEO is a part of online marketing, and there is no substitute for Email Marketing. An effective SEO needs to complement Email Marketing. SEO relies on its organic rankings to Drive traffic. Email marketing is used as a tool to generate leads.

SEO companies should have the expertise and ability to come up with an SEO strategy for any SEO client, no matter what requirements they have. Below are some of the services that other SEO Agency offers:

Move Ahead Media is one of the experienced SEO companies. We offer a mix of  Content Production, Link Building and Technical SEO Audits as Start-Up SEO services. Now we have grown to become one of the most trusted SEO companies in Bangkok, Thailand.

Top SEO services 1

4. Client Satisfaction – How to Achieve using SEO Services?

Why should an SEO Agency care about the client perception and sentiment toward SEO? According to the Search Engine Journal’s State of SEO 2021, 38% of respondents said that their clients think Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of marketing. Only 13% thought SEO was not necessarily important. The survey mentioned that the general perception of clients about SEO is being seen as a core part of a digital marketing strategy.

Discussing SEO to a client as a digital marketing service can be complicated. You need experts to get a proper understanding of how search engines function. There are thousands of technicalities in SEO, and SEO companies need to know them all. SEO agencies should show their SEO services are top-notch. The slightest error can have a huge impact on search results for different websites.

SEO Client Goal

The following steps should be taken into consideration to ensure that clients are satisfied with their SEO services:

1. Understand the Goal for the Client

As an SEO Agency, we need to clearly understand what you are trying to accomplish for its Client. Understanding the Client’s business product or service is essential because SEO will be tailored to suit the SEO needs of the Client.

2. Build a Solid SEO Plan

Any SEO agency should never forget that SEO for a client website should always focus on critical points like keywords and content to make your SEO campaigns successful. An SEO expert needs to build SEO plans to make SEO successful with SEO metrics to measure SEO performance. An SEO Plan is vital for SEO companies as they are the ones who are handling client SEO projects.

3. Find the Right SEO Strategy and Solution

Sometimes, SEO is considered very technical. Finding the right SEO strategy should only be handled by SEO agencies who have expertise in SEO. One SEO company does not suit all SEO needs and should be able to understand their clients SEO requirements and find the right SEO strategy and solution for your Client according to your SEO plan and results.

4. Do a Client Review Session

SEO agencies handle their Client’s SEO campaigns. SEO professional needs to understand and get input from a client’s perspective. Doing monthly client review sessions with the Client is important. Understand the best practices and SEO strategies for the next month, and create better client relationships. Any SEO agency is better positioned to explain SEO concepts and techniques to clients. The review session or discussion may revolve around keyword research, content plan, updates on the strategy, and alignment of goals.

5. SEO Implementation

An SEO agency is expected to handle all SEO projects from conception, implementation to completion of SEO tasks. This means conducting the proper execution of SEO keyword research based on competitive SEO analysis, SEO strategy formulation and SEO techniques.

6. Performance Tracking/Reporting

An SEO professional also needs to handle online SEO campaigns with metrics to measure performance through SEO tools like analytics. SEO marketing agencies should always keep in mind that SEO projects need to track the progress of campaigns continuously.

Digital Marketing Agency SEO Services

Often, SEO Agencies are at the mercy of their clients. SEO is a service that, if not well-received by different businesses, can very easily turn into an expensive disaster, which is why SEO companies need to have the highest quality SEO services for their clients. This awareness has prompted SEO companies to be aggressive in making sure that their clients are satisfied. The competition between SEO companies is very stiff, and they know that even one negative review or one bad testimonial can spell the difference between the success and failure of their business.

Move Ahead Media is one of the leading Digital Marketing agencies in Thailand that provide a variety of Online Marketing services for businesses. We started as an SEO company, and we’ve grown as Agency to offer search engine marketing complete services. Our Digital Marketing Services ranges from PPC Services, Google Ads, Google Shopping, E-commerce ROI/ROAS model, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Lead Ads, Google My Business/ Local SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Content Gap Analysis, Technical SEO Audit, Content Marketing Optimization and more. We can take your business to new heights – and stay ahead of the competition. Click here for your FREE SEO Audit report!

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