HTML Header Tags and Search Engines

HTML tags and heading

Content structure is considered one of the most critical elements in search engine optimization or SEO. Content structure refers to the way your content is organized online. Content writing is also critical for SEO because it helps with rankings so you should always put quality over quantity when it comes to creating content.

Content structure and SEO go hand-in-hand because it helps tell the search engines bots what your website is about and also help for user experience. The HTML Header Tag is very important because header tags provide structure and make navigation easier, making the overall flow of your content or web page better for readers.

Google and/or other SERPs favour websites that have good content structure because it makes the writing easy to read and understand. The content structure also helps writers save time when creating content, which means better quality reading materials for the readers. Yes, content structure is important for SEO but content writing is very important as well because you can’t have a great content structure without great content material.

The Importance of Header Tags

Heading Structure and HTML Header tags

Content structure is achieved with header tags (H1 tags, H2 tags, H3 tags). Content writers can use this to make their materials easier for readers to understand and it will help with providing a better user experience and SEO.

Tags for SEO is very important when it comes to online reading because you want the reader’s flow of your content to be easy and direct. As mentioned earlier, the header tag is important to the ranking factor as it can make your website appear on top search engine results pages. You may be aware that writing HTML headers that organize the heading hierarchy is part of the on-page SEO strategy.

Even though this blog is all about the heading elements, and that the h1 tag is the one that you should give the most importance to, there are also other heading tags such as h2, h3 and subheadings. There are also other elements on on-page SEO such as page title, HTML tag, text structure and the body content to make sure that all of these parts are relevant to each other and increase the relevancy of the heading when users try to search something with targeted keywords.

Header Tags and SEO Strategies

Featured Snippets with On page optimisation

SEO Strategists usually consider header tags important as part of their on-page SEO strategy. Once you complete on-page optimisation, you should then think about technical SEO. Your website will tend to have more chances to appear on the featured snippets since your website’s primary purpose is to be SEO friendly and search engines bots have a better understanding of your website’s content.

This doesn’t mean that we have to optimise to get a favour from these bots only. We have to optimise content and on-page element to be on top of the user side. User friendly is also considered to be important, as an SEO strategist or expert, you should optimise the on-page element to be both users and search engine friendly. This is one ideal way to get your website to appear on top of the search engine result pages. Especially on Google as it relies on on-page, off-page and technical elements for SEO best practice.

Stay on Top of Search Engine Optimization

important heading tags

Optimising an entire page or blog post may get you better rankings but for a long-term plan, you should optimise your whole website and make sure it’s on a high standard to become what users and search engines call “friendly” and improve SEO overall.

Makes sense? We understand that it may not if you don’t have good background knowledge on SEO. But there is no need to worry as Move Ahead Media know SEO good practice and all the latest trends on HTML code. We are more than happy to help you create your digital marketing strategies. Contact us today for a free consultation on SEO best practices or we can show you an example of a site we did our magic on.

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