A Toast to 13 Years: MAM’s Anniversary Celebration

As we celebrate our MAM 13-year anniversary with clients and business partners, we would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the history of Move Ahead Media (MAM), including details such as how and why the business was created and what sort of challenges we have overcome along the way. Whether you are a valued customer or an interested observer, we hope that you will enjoy our story and, as always, if you would like to discuss your online marketing needs with a member of our team, you are welcome to call or message us. Our experts are ready and waiting to help you achieve all your most important goals in the digital space.

From Humble Beginnings: MAM’s 13-Year Journey

Co Founder

October 2010 was an auspicious time for Tony Hooton and Martin Finn. It was during this very month 13 years ago that the two SEO experts put their long-term plans into action by opening a new kind of digital marketing agency: Move Ahead Media (MAM). Formed with the express intention of providing a better and more comprehensive range of digital marketing services to all types of commercial enterprises, MAM’s 13-year journey has not always been straightforward but it has most definitely always been exceptionally interesting, and immensely satisfying too.

In common with many businesses across the globe, MAM started life in humble surroundings, in a domestic kitchen. It was in this homely setting that Tony and Martin made their first tentative plans and began to build what was always intended to be a digital marketing agency with a difference. From the very beginning, MAM has focused on two distinct, but nonetheless symbiotic, goals: providing clients with a first-class service and providing employees with a genuinely pleasant environment in which to work. It may be a cliché but happy employees really are better and more productive employees, which means a cheerful and supportive workplace is good for business as well as for staff morale.

Expanding The Team 1

Thanks in large part to our sympathetic working practices, we have found it considerably easier to attract and retain the most talented personnel in the SEO industry than most of our competitors. What was once a 2-man band operating from a kitchen table has expanded over the years to become a formidable presence in the global digital marketing industry. Today, as we look back on what we are pleased to be able to say is MAM’s 13-Year success story, we have over 50 members of staff on our team, spread across 3 different continents and countries. With this many talented professionals on board, we are able to consistently perform at the highest level, producing the most creative strategies and innovative solutions for clients from diverse industries and geographic locations.

MAM's Commitment to Excellence: Past, Present, and Future

Innovative Solutions

Since we first hung out our shingle in October 2010, there have been many MAM company milestones that we thought were worthy of celebration, including more than our fair share of digital marketing industry awards. In 2023 alone, we have added the following prestigious awards to our already bulging trophy cabinet:

  • Top SEO Company 2023 – Thailand (Clutch.co) 
  • Top Digital Marketing Company 2023 – Thailand (Clutch.co) 
  • #1 Social Media Marketing Agency 2023 – Bangkok (Cleverthai.com) 
  • #1 SEO Agency 2023 – Bangkok (Cleverthai.com) 
  • Most Trusted Hotel & Tourism Marketing Group 2023 – APAC (LuxLife Hospitality Awards 2023)

Suffice it to say, if you are looking for the very best digital marketing agency in Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom or Australia, MAM should definitely be your first port of call. And please do not worry that our MAM 13th anniversary celebration may lead to us being tempted to rest on our laurels. If anything, our notable achievements to date have provided us with an even stronger motivation to excel in the future, to protect our hard-earned reputation. We have many exciting plans for the coming months and years, including a further expansion of our client base and digital marketing services, and we would love for you and your organisation to share in our future successes.

Celebrating 13 Years of Achievements

Celebrating 13 Years Of Achievements

As far as we are concerned, MAM’s 13-Year success story is only the beginning: we are looking forward to celebrating many more anniversaries in the future. We are also very much looking forward to maintaining our commitment to excellence in all our endeavours, and to the continuation of our outstanding record of achievement, obtaining results that are unrivalled anywhere in the digital marketing industry.

Client Focussed
Sustainable Growth

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us on our journey into the future. If you have not been a part of MAM’s journey to 13 years in business so far, we urge you to wait no longer. The best way to ensure that your business is able to thrive and expand in the future is to take advantage of the many specialist SEO and digital marketing services that we have to offer.

In the first instance, please call or message to let us know how we may be of assistance. Once we know what type of services you require and what goals you wish to achieve over the coming weeks, months and years, we will be able to create a master plan to help you reach all your digital marketing targets and long-term business objectives.

Think Ahead, Move Ahead! Contact the team at MAM today.

Think Ahead Move Ahead

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