Digital Marketing News Topics Week 24 2024

Welcome to this week’s digital marketing news roundup from Move Ahead Media! 

This week, we explore the latest developments in SEO and advertising. Discover if you can rank in Google’s top 10 with minimal backlinks and learn about Microsoft Advertising’s shift to Performance Max for Smart Shopping campaigns. Also, find out if Google will still index non-mobile-friendly sites and get the scoop on the new features in Google Ads API v17. 

Stay informed and ahead of the competition with our comprehensive updates.

2.Can You Rank On Googles Top 10 With Only A Few Links

Can You Rank On Google’s Top 10 With Only A Few Links?

The answer is probably not. A recent study by Internet Marketing Ninjas found that 96% of websites in Google’s top 10 results have over 1,000 backlinks from unique domains. 

Backlinks are important for SEO because they serve as a sign or signal to Google that other sources find your content valuable. They are linking it to their own content because it is accurate and authoritative.

The study shows that only 0.3% of websites in the Top 10 had less than 100 backlinks. Some other interesting findings from the analysis are:

  1. Amazon ranked in the top 10 for 164 of the 200 keywords
  2. The “weakest” site had 54 referring domains and ranked as 6th
  3. On average, 164 unique domain backlinks appeared to be the “minimum required to rank in the top 10” for local search terms, for the lowest 10 sites.

These stats are based on an analysis of the top 10 Google Search results. It consists of 1,113 unique websites for 200 random commercial intent keyword phrases.

This reinforces the importance of a good backlink strategy for achieving good search rankings. Even though Google claims that links are less critical, the data suggests that backlinks remain a significant factor.

For Move Ahead Media and our clients, this highlights the need to leverage our expertise in acquiring quality backlinks. We can help businesses achieve top search rankings and drive more traffic.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/link-importance-google-top-10-study-443024

3.Microsoft Advertising To Move Smart Shopping Campaigns To Performance Max

Microsoft Advertising To Move Smart Shopping Campaigns To Performance Max

Over the coming months, Microsoft Advertising will transition all Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max (PMax). The current set-up will stay as is, with a brief transition period post-upgrade. The reporting and performance history will also be the same.

This shift emphasizes the growing importance of Performance Max Campaigns. Luckily, we are always ahead of the curve so we can help ensure you with a seamless transition and optimal ad performance. 

Additionally, they also announced a few more advertising news as follows:

  1. Microsoft Advertising Platform is now available in six new languages. This includes Thai, Turkish, Korean, Russian, Dutch, and Filipino.
  2. Video and Connected TV ads are now supported in Microsoft Advertising Editor
  3. Netflix Inventory for Connected TV ads
  4. Create and customize banner assets for display ads with Generative AI
  5. Summer Games 2024 audience opportunities

Source: https://www.seroundtable.com/microsoft-advertising-shopping-campaigns-pmax-37502.html

4.Will Google Still Index Sites That Are Not Mobile Friendly

Will Google Still Index Sites That Are Not Mobile Friendly?

It’s a little confusing since there have been a lot of conversations online around the news that they will stop indexing sites that are completely inaccessible via mobile devices after 5th July. 

However, the answer is yes. Google will still index the sites.

It’s good to note that the tech giant will be fully switching to their Googlebot Mobile user agent soon. So if your site won’t load at all on a mobile phone, or it doesn’t load at all, then Google will not index it.  

The Googlebot Mobile user agent is a version of Google’s web crawler designed to mimic how websites are viewed on mobile devices, specifically Android smartphones. It is used to index and evaluate websites based on their mobile performance and accessibility, reflecting Google’s mobile-first indexing approach. 

Need help with making sure your website is up to the task? Contact us today.

Source: https://www.seroundtable.com/google-will-index-not-mobile-friendly-sites-37516.html

5.Google Announces The V17 Release Of The Google Ads API

Google Announces The V17 Release Of The Google Ads API

Google has officially released version 17 of the Google Ads API. They brought in several changes and improvements. The updated client libraries and code examples will be published next week. 

The three big notable changes are:

  1. Resource Usage Policy Update: Two new values have been added to QuotaError to prepare for an upcoming resource usage policy change on 17 July 2024. 
  2. Page Size Fixed at 10,000: You can no longer pass a page size to GoogleAdsService.Search. Doing so will result in a request error.
  3. New Reporting Views: They have added campaign aggregate asset view and Channel aggregate asset view on Performance Max and Search campaigns.

They also announced batch processing updates such as:

  1. Asset Group Operations. Support for setting MutateOperation.asset_group_operation when using BatchJobService has been added. This allows batch processing for creating and managing entire Performance Max campaigns.
  2. Request Size Limit.  Advertisers will need to divide operations into smaller groups for separate requests. A new BatchJobError.REQUEST_TOO_LARGE error for any job requests larger than 10,484,504 bytes will produce an error.

Lastly, here are some other changes:

  1. Discovery is now Demand Gen across all relevant fields, enums, and errors.
  2. Campaign.keyword_match_type has been added to allow setting a keyword match type for all keywords in a campaign.
  3. A new shopping product report has been added, corresponding to the Products page in the Google Ads UI.
  4. Primary status and primary status reasons have been added to AdGroupCriterion to show serving status and reasons.

Move Ahead Media can leverage these updates to optimize clients’ ad campaigns more effectively. It’s also important for us and other advertisers to be aware of these changes to take full advantage of new capabilities. It’s best to learn ASAP to avoid disruptions from deprecated features or policy changes.

Source: https://ads-developers.googleblog.com/2024/06/announcing-v17-of-google-ads-api.html



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