Digital Marketing News Topics Week 25 2024

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Week 25 brings us a load of updates that are sure to excite anyone passionate in marketing. From Google’s new conversion rate metrics in Analytics to LinkedIn’s shiny newsletter tools. And of course, YouTube’s exciting thumbnail A/B testing rollout, there’s plenty to learn! 

Grab a coffee (or something stronger if you prefer) and let’s explore how these tools can supercharge your marketing efforts. 🌟📈📹

Conversion Rate Metrics Now Added To Google Analytics

Conversion Rate Metrics Now Added To Google Analytics

Google Analytics added these metrics to help businesses better track and improve conversions. The new metrics are “User Key Event Rate” and “Session Key Event Rate”. They will appear automatically in the default User Acquisition and Traffic Acquisition reports. 

For a digital marketing agency like Move Ahead Media, these are very helpful in our tracking and optimisation strategies. With a more detailed view of the data, we can make more informed decisions and deliver better results. 

To explain this further, “User Key Event Rate” calculates the percentage of users performing a predefined key event action. An example of this is completing a sign-up process or making a sale. This metric is calculated by dividing the number of users who took the desired action by the total number of users.

“Session Key Event Rate” measures the percentage of sessions that resulted in a key event conversion. It’s divided by the number of key events by the total number of sessions.

Here are some of the benefits of these new user conversion metrics:

Track Progress Towards Goals – Clear conversion metrics help set targets and measure progress over time. This ensures alignment with business goals and objectives.

Enhance User Experience – Identifying poor conversion rates helps highlight user experience (UX) issues. Prioritise to fix those issues to see improvement in user flows.

Optimise Acquisition Channels – Using better visibility brings higher conversion rates. Businesses can use this data to fine-tune their spending and strategies. 

Enhanced Conversion Tracking – New dedicated metrics for user and session conversion rates will make assessing marketing performance so much simpler.

Source: https://x.com/googleanalytics/status/1801714781784859082

LinkedIn Launches Newsletter Tools

LinkedIn Launches Newsletter Tools

Custom covers, embedded profiles, preview links and subscriber alerts – these are now added to LinkedIn newsletters! These upgrades were launched this week by Keren Baruch, their Director of Products. 

In her statement, she shares that they have seen an impressive increase in numbers during the past year. There were around 184,000 newsletters in total covering a wide range of topics and industries.  59% more people are publishing newsletter articles and 47% increase in engagement on those articles. This emphasizes the clear value of creating, sharing and engaging with knowledge from professionals everywhere. 

One of the main updates is an improved reading experience. This feature displays comments alongside the newsletter articles. It allows readers to engage and take part in discussions.

LinkedIn now also allows you to access a staging link that previews the newsletter URL before hitting “publish”. This helps users share and distribute their content more effectively. 

They also integrated Microsoft’s AI-powered Designer tool to create custom cover images for the newsletters. Users can now add their “personal flair” to the articles. This is tailored with custom templates, sizes and suggestions. 

You can now also embed LinkedIn profiles and pages directly into the articles.

And lastly, they have improved notifications sent to subscribers to drive readership. When a new article is published, subscribers will receive email alerts and in-app notifications. 

LinkedIn is positioning itself as a major competitor in the platform race. Check out our previous blogs about the other improvements they have made.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/expanded-access-newsletters-more-tools-grow-your-voice-keren-baruch-vmm9f/

YouTube Announces Rollout Plan For Thumbnail A B Testing

YouTube Announces Rollout Plan For Thumbnail A/B Testing

“Thumbnail Test & Compare” is now available to all creators! This development promises to enhance content optimisation strategies for advertisers and content managers! 

This tool allows creators to upload multiple thumbnails for a single video! Doing real-time tests for effectiveness is now easy. The tool automatically displays different thumbnails to various viewers. This gives you valuable insights into content strategy! YouTube will then collect and analyse the data for you. It will pick the thumbnail that generates the most watch time and stick with that.

Thumbnails are crucial for attracting viewers. Knowing which image is the most effective in generating clicks is a great feature and time saver. This also removes the need for third-party A/B testing tools, which saves you money as well. It gives actionable data, enabling you to make informed decisions and get more views.

For Move Ahead Media, this tool allows us to give more precise and effective data. We can immediately get an understanding of viewer preferences. We can help our clients utilise this data and select the best-performing thumbnail for better ROI. 

Stay ahead of the curve with us! Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KAYAhIWsdY



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